Student studying at Montclair State

Combined Program Life Cycle

Combined programs are an excellent option for students who are interested in continuing their education with a graduate degree after earning a Bachelor’s. There are some very compelling benefits that come with studying through a combined program, with two of the most noteworthy being a serious savings in time and overall cost. We encourage you to learn more and talk with your advisor to see if you are on track to be considered for a Combined program.

Curious about what the life cycle of a combined program at Montclair State might look like? Take a look at the timeline below or view the Combined Program Flow Chart:

  • Senior year of High School –Student applies to a Combined Program via Undergraduate Admissions
  • Post-Admission as a Montclair State undergraduate student – Student speaks to an advisor and completes the Combined Program Change of Major Form to enroll in the undergraduate portion of the combined program if certain conditions are met
  • End of Freshman year –Student receives academic advising to keep them on track for continued enrollment
  • Each semester of undergraduate studies – Academic department conducts review to ensure that only eligible students are in combined program. Advising intervention takes place each semester.
  • Junior year Students should speak with an advisor and verify that they are currently enrolled in a combined program and if not, complete the Combined Program Change of Major Form.
  • First semester of Senior year The student files for final audit for the undergraduate component of the degree and begins taking graduate level “Swing Courses”
  • Last semester of Senior Year – Student completes a Fast Application with The Graduate School to be admitted to the Master’s portion of the combined program.
  • Completion of Senior year – Student graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and becomes officially a graduate student.