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Degree Requirements

The AuD program is a full-time, residential program spread over a four-year period (11 semesters). Students complete a series of clinical externships at the Montclair State University Center for Hearing and Balance, externships at a variety of sites in the New Jersey-New York area; including hospitals, schools for the deaf, and private practices.

The requirements include a minimum of 118 semester credit hours, successful completion of

  • a minimum 77 semester hours in the academic core, 26 semester credit hours in the clinical practicum sequence, 2 credits of online grand rounds, 12 credits of directed research, a seminar in university teaching and a seminar in clinical preceptorship, a practicum in university teaching;
  • a minimum of 1820 clinical practicum hours;
  • a clinical doctoral research project;
  • a series of practical and written examinations;
  • the Clinical Proficiency Manual;
  • a speech and voice screening provided by the clinical staff in the Speech-Language Pathology program;
  • a Basic Life Support (BLS) course;
  • required HIPAA and Universal Precautions training