Photo of CREEHS faculty and staff in a classroom.

Our Values

What do we value at CREEHS?

Diversity & Equity

We value diversity of experience, expertise, worldview, and approach in our workforce and partnerships. We recognize the power of encouraging and embracing diverse perspectives to inform the work we do on behalf of partners and communities. We strive to create an environment that is equitable for all.


We value meaningful and open communication and acknowledge that this starts with listening. We strive to be approachable and accessible, and do our best work when we are in continuous communication with our partners.


We value partnerships grounded in respect for each other’s strengths, a shared vision, and a culture of learning. We strive to practice a community-centered approach and meet partners where they are by building trusting relationships and tailoring our approach to their readiness and goals.


We value responsiveness to changing needs and emerging challenges. We strive to adapt and think creatively to identify solutions when contexts shift, while remaining focused on meeting project goals.


We value deep commitment to our work and the work of our partners in strengthening communities. We are passionate and thoughtful about providing high-quality service that is relevant and useful toward driving change. We strive to help our partners make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.