Photo of CREEHS faculty and staff in a classroom.

Our Work

The Center provides program planning, evaluation, and applied research services related to:

  • needs assessment (e.g., community audits)
  • program design (e.g., program plans, logic models)
  • evaluation design (e.g., evaluation plans, SMART objectives)
  • instrument development (e.g., surveys, interview and focus group protocols)
  • data collection (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations)
  • data analysis (e.g., quantitative, qualitative)
  • reporting (e.g., user-focused reports, data visualizations, GIS maps)
  • evaluation and measurement capacity building (e.g., workshops, trainings, technical assistance)

CREEHS serves partners working in a range of program areas, including:

  • education (e.g., teacher preparation and professional development, community schools, after school programs, STEM education),
  • public health and health care (e.g., community health, active living and healthy eating, food security, diabetes care), and
  • human services (e.g., substance abuse and intervention, aging, service learning, youth development, community development).

Accessibility, listening, willingness to participate in a project from the start to get a sense of what needs to be measured, range of expertise is wide and deep.