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Digital Accessibility Initiative

Why Digital Accessibility?

Montclair State University’s Mission Statement confirms its commitment “to a learning community that is deeply and broadly reflective of the diverse population of New Jersey” and beyond. Montclair State University is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have an opportunity equal to those of their nondisabled peers to participate in the University’s programs, benefits, and services, including those delivered through electronic and information technology.

The National Center for Educational Statistics claims that 11% of postsecondary students reported having disabilities; this does not include unidentified students who do not receive accommodations, or students who choose not to disclose their disability.  In support of this commitment, Montclair State University is performing a comprehensive accessibility audit of its key digital systems to provide guidance on policies and procedures and further define processes for ensuring accessibility of existing and new content. In addition, training will be provided to assist the University community on accessibility best practices.