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Accessible Multimedia

Accessible Multimedia at Montclair State University

Panopto is an all-in-one video platform. It not only provides desktop lecture recording and automatic captioning services, but also offers pedagogical features to add learning interactions within a video. It is also seamlessly integrated with Canvas. You can review our documentation for both the PC (Windows)  and Mac (Apple) or attend a training workshop. Students can also create Panopto recordings in your Canvas course. For more details, please review our documentation for student use of Panopto: Panopto Recordings for Students and Panopto Assignments for Students.

NJVID, known as the New Jersey Digital Video Repository, is a service for video streaming and publishing of videos for higher education institutions. NJVID provides a common online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting Montclair State University’s licensed and locally produced videos that educate and enlighten viewers in support of hybrid and online teaching and learning.

Montclair State’s NJVID accommodates two types of video collections: Academic/Administrative Collections and Commercial Video Collections.

NJVID Digital Media Repository