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Are You Considering a New IT Software Service or Product?

Like many higher education institutions, Montclair State University is required to ensure that the information, services, applications, courses, and technology that we provide are inclusive and accessible in accordance with applicable laws. Each purchasing unit is required to confirm that any product or service that provides access to on-line courses and programs, communications, services and other activities through the University website, webpages, subordinated intranet pages and web accessible applications is accessible by persons with disabilities in accordance with the University’s Digital Accessibility Policy and applicable laws.

The purchasing unit must request the information technology seller to provide an audit, a Voluntary Product Assessment Template (“VPAT”), or other documentation of the seller’s testing methodology that verifies the product or service is accessible by persons with disabilities. The audit, VPAT or other documentation may demonstrate testing was conducted by the seller or an independent third party auditor. The audit, VPAT or other documentation must be received by the purchasing unit should be forwarded to Sharif Akkara, the coordinator for the university’s digital accessibility program at VPAT and related documentation will be maintained in the University’s VPAT repository as part of the procurement process in accordance with the University’s record retention obligations.

These resources will be kept on file for use at Montclair State University and will need to be updated when the product changes.  The responses will be used to aid Montclair State University in evaluating products and services and may be added to a publicly available VPAT repository. Check this repository prior to making any purchase to confirm the University has an existing VPAT for the vendor ‘s product or service.

The following links have been provided below to assist you with these accessibility procurement requirements:

  • A copy of or link to the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for the vendors product(s), particularly the version or release relevant to Montclair State University. Information about the VPAT and a template for its completion are available from the Information Technology Industry Council’s Accessibility page for your reference.
Download the Latest Procurement Policy for IT Purchases

For more information on the Montclair State University Procurement Policy, please refer to the Policies and Procedures section on the Procurement website or contact them at  973-655-4145.