Student with a dragnet walking in lake.

Recent MS in Sustainability Science Applied Internship Projects


  • Michelle Krause, 2016. Green Mission Initiative at Whole Foods in Ridgewood, NJ
  • Teresa Liang, 2016. Development of a preschool program in sustainability science.
  • Alexa Rachael Marques, 2016. Ecological Restoration of Teaneck Creek Conservatory


  • Christopher Marinello, 2015. Developing a green infrastructure index for areas in need.
  • Lisa Johnson, 2015. Internship in Sustainable Development and Green Business Practices, Conducted through Colectivo Integral de Desarrollo, a non-profit organization in Lima, Peru


  • Joseph Cavera, 2014. Risk Assessment Strategies for Transport of Contaminated Sediment.
  • Brian Ryu, 2014. Developing Sustainable Solutions for Dry Cleaning Establishments: Alternatives to percloroethlyene.