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Steven Resnick, Esq. ’93

Posted in: Alumni Spotlight, English Department

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Steven M. Resnick ’93 is a shareholder of Budd Larner, P.C., and a member of the Family Law Department. Steven handles all facets of matrimonial matters including divorce; annulment; custody; visitation; domestic violence; preparation of all types of agreements including cohabitation, marital, premarital, separation, reconciliation and property settlement agreements; post judgment issues including enforcement and modification of judgments/agreements; appellate practice; children’s rights; palimony; paternity; and guardianship. He is also an experienced trial lawyer and has recently broken new legal ground in the area of a tort for parental alienation in the case of Segal v. Lynch.

Steven credits the pre-law studies programs at Montclair State University with providing him the skills that are essential to gain admission to, and succeed in, law school and beyond. By studying such topics as legal research, writing, and reasoning at the undergraduate level, Steven advises that he was well ahead of his peers during his first year of law school, earning such honors as "best paper" in torts and an A+ in constitutional law. He views the mentoring that he received from Montclair State University faculty as an important key to his success both in law school and as an attorney. He has returned to Montclair State as an adjunct in the areas of Family Law, Legal Research and Writing, and Introduction to Law. He is, further, in the process of establishing a scholarship to assist those with tuition needs.

Steven, an active participant in the Attorney Alumni Network, has funded a 10K scholarship in honor of two admired faculty: Dr. Marilyn Tayler and Dr. David Benfield.  The scholarship will benefit a Political Science and Law student in need of tuition assistance for his/her undergraduate studies in preparation for law school.