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General Information

This document page includes important links to resources, advising, and programs:

Course permits and Overloads (use the links below)

Overload or Override for HPEM/EXSC/PEMJ/SPAD

Overload or Override for PEGN

Change of Major or add a Minor, Course Overlap, Credit Adjustment, etc.:

ESPE Department Administrator, Eduardo Saavedra,

  • Clinical and Pre-Professional Studies concentration

GPA Requirement: 2.75


Spring Semester OCTOBER 1 ST

Fall Semester MARCH 1 ST


  • Sport Conditioning Concentration

GPA Requirement: 2.00


Spring Semester: OCTOBER 1ST

Fall Semester: MARCH 1ST

  • Physical Education – Concentration in Physical Activity in Educational Settings

GPA Requirement: 2.75 GPA (Sophomore) 3.00 GPA (Junior)

No Deadlines


Advising inquiries:

ESPE Department Administrator, Eduardo Saavedra,

College for Community Health’s Student Success Center

General Department inquiries:

  • Roger Omeus, or

Undergraduate Program Coordinators:

  • Exercise Science, Dr. William Sullivan,
  • Physical Education – Teaching Certification in Health and Physical Education, Dr. Kristin Scrabis- Fletcher:

Graduate Program Coordinators:

  • Combined BS/MS Athletic Training and MS Athletic Training, Dr. Fredrick Gardin,
  • MS Exercise Science and Sport Studies, Dr. Michele Fisher,
  • MAT in Health and Physical Education, Dr. Melissa Alexander,