CEHS student in Exercise Lab

Laboratories Equipment List

The Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education Laboratories are well equipped and able to conduct a variety of teaching demonstrations and scientific research studies, and has the following equipment available.

Major Hardware: Exercise Equipment

  • Treadmill (Trackmaster) – High performance exercise ergometer.
  • Monark Exercise Bikes ([8] Ergomedic 828 E, [1] Ergomedic 874E) – Flywheel cycle ergometers with variable resistance.
  • Electronically Braked Leg Cycle Ergometers (Velotron, Sensormedics Eromedic 800S) – Electrically control resistance on cycle independent of pedal frequency.
  • Arm Ergometer (Monark 881) – Arm cycling testing.
  • Free Weights – Various resistance exercise equipment including a squat rack, [2] benches, 20kg barbells [2], dumbbells [2 each; 5-50lbs], kettlebells [1 each; 5-45lbs], Olympic plates and bumper plates [400+lbs].

Major Hardware: Physiology Measurements

  • Metabolic Cart (Parvo Medics, Vmax Encore, COSMED Fitmate Pro, ADI Physiology System) – Spirometry and indirect calorimetry measures of oxygen consumption including VO2
  • Stress Testing Cart (GE Case Exercise Stress Testing Cart) – Resting and exercising electrocardiogram with integrated treadmill and automated exercising blood pressure machine (SunTech Tango).
  • Air Displacement Plethysmography (COSMED BodPod) – Body density and body fat assessment.
  • Hydrostatic Weighing Tank (Hydro-Weight Reader) – Body density and body fat assessment.
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (Tanita MC-780U Segmental, Tanita TBF300A Foot-to-Foot) – Weight, impedance, and body fat assessment.
  • AD Instruments Data Acquisition Boards ([2] PowerLab 16/35) – Used with AD Instruments LabChart Pro software to collect real-time, continuous, and synchronized signals from a variety of analog and digital inputs from various research equipment. Input equipment available in the Exercise Science Lab include:
      • Wireless Wearable ([2] ADI – Equivital) – Two lead electrocardiogram, breathing rate, high-resolution tri-axial acceleration, skin temperature, and blood oxygen saturation.
      • Single Lead ECG (ADI) – Electrocardiogram for heart rhythms and heart rate.
      • Strain-Gauge Pneumograph Respitrace (ADI) – Respiratory rate.
      • Handgrip Force Transducer (ADI) – Continuous handgrip force.
      • Skin Thermistors ([4] ADI) – Continuous skin temperature.
      • Rectal Temperature Probe (ADI) – Continuous core temperature.
      • Pulse Sensor (ADI) – Basic heart rhythms and heart rate.
      • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System (ADI) – Continuous finger blood pressure and cardiac output, stroke volume, and total peripheral resistance model flow estimates.
      • Tonometer Probe (ADI) – Pulse wave analysis and pulse wave velocity.
      • Sphygmomanometer (ADI) – Continuous digital occlusion cuff pressure.
      • Metabolic Physiology System (ADI) – Metabolic testing including oxygen consumption and VO2
      • External video capture (Pinnacle Dazzle) – Video capture from external computer screens such as ultrasound machines.
  • Ultrasound (GE Vivid i with cardiac, linear and curvilinear probes) – Internal body structure visualization and blood flow assessment.
  • Muscle Oxygen Near Infrared Spectrometer ([3] Moxy) – Wireless muscle oxygen saturation assessment during rest, exercise, and blood flow occlusion.

Major Hardware: Movement Science Measurements

  • Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex System 3 Pro with upper and lower extremity attachments and upgraded with new HUMAC technology) – Muscle strength and power testing.
  • 3D Motion Capture System (12 Camera OptiTrack) – 3D human movement motion capture for Biomechanical and motor behavior analysis.
  • Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System (Ascension) – 3D human movement motion capture without the need for ‘line of sight’ for the object being tracked.
  • Force Platforms ([2] Bertec) – Used in biomechanical analysis to measure forces applied on the ground and to calculate torques and forces at joints during walking, running and jumping.
  • Virtual Reality System (Oculus Rift) – An immersive method to provide and manipulate subjects’ field of view during research.
  • Electromyographic measurement system (16-Channel Delsys Wireless Trigno) – Measuring the activation of muscles.
  • Camcorders ([4] Sony HDR cx220) and Tripods (Mannfroto) – Used to capture video for biomechanical analysis.
  • Eye Tracking System (SR Eyelink II) – Binocular assessment of eye movement and gaze fixation with Extech HD450 lightmeter for pupillometry.
  • Vertical Jump System (Just Jump System, [2] Vertec) – Vertical Jump and jump air time.

Major Software Programs

  • Data Integration and Acquisition (LabChart Pro) – Used with AD Instruments PowerLab hardware to collect a variety of analog and digital inputs from various research equipment.
  • Exercise Trainer Software (PeriPedal) – Real-time visualization and recording of muscle oxygen and heart rate data.
  • Cycle ergometer software suite (Velotron Wingagte, 3D, CS) – Real-time data acquisition of power and pedal rate for aerobic and anaerobic cycle ergometer exercise tests.
  • Motion Monitor Software – A complete software solution for collecting and processing human movement data. Allows 3D kinematic and kinetic analysis. Integrates motion capture from the 12-camera OptiTrack system, Bertec Force plates and Ascension Electromagnetic Tracking System.
  • MatLab and LabView – Custom software programming languages for engineering and life sciences.
  • Graphing and Statistics (Sigma Plot, SPSS) – Professional quality graphing and statistics software.

Additional Equipment

  • Heart Rate Monitors ([24] Polar E600) – Resting and exercising chest strap based heart rate assessment.
  • Pulse Oximeter (Nonin, [4] Advantage) – Blood oxygen saturation stationary and portable.
  • Automated Blood Pressure ([4] Omron BP785N) – Automated resting blood pressure and heart rate assessment.
  • Manual Blood Pressure Equipment (Various) – Stethoscopes, stand based and portable blood pressure cuffs for the assessment of resting and exercising blood pressure.
  • Windmill Spirometers ([2] Nihon) – Forced vital capacity assessment.
  • Skinfold Calipers (Lange and various other brands) – Measurement of skin and subcutaneous fat for body density and body fat assessment.
  • Gullick Tapes (Various) – Measurement of circumference measurements.
  • Stadiometer and Body Weight Scale – Calibrated height and mass measurement.
  • Vertical Jump Trainer ([2] Vertec) – Measurement of standing reach height and vertical jump.
  • Handgrip Dynamometers (Various brands) – Static handgrip force.
  • Aerobic steps ([2] The Step) – Aerobic step exercise and testing.
  • Goniometers (Various) – Measuring joint angles.
  • Mobile Privacy Screens – For separating the laboratory into more personalized spaces.
  • Accelerometers (ActiTrainer) – Assessment of physical activity levels.
  • Pedometers – Step count assessment.
  • Metronomes – Pacing for various fitness tests.

Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory Equipment

  • Electrolyte Analyzer (Medica EasyLyte) – Blood, serum, plasma, and urine electrolyte analyzer for sodium, potassium, and chloride.
  • Cholesterol Analyzer (Alere Cholestech LDX) – Digital automated blood cholesterol assessment.
  • Blood Glucose and Lactate (YSI 2300 STAT, and various portable versions) – Blood glucose and lactate analyzers.
  • Hematocrit Reader (IEC) – Capillary tube hematocrit assessment.
  • Hemoglobin Analyzer (HemoCue) – Digital automated hemoglobin assessment.
  • Refractometer (Reichert-Jung) – Urine specific gravity and serum and plasma protein quantification. Ventilation Hood – Expelling fumes when working with chemicals.
  • Centrifuges – Three centrifuges are in the lab space including a large temperature controlled centrifuge (Beckman Coulter), microcentrifuge (Fisher Scientific accuSpin Micro 17), and capillary tube centrifuge (Clay Adams Triac).
  • Microplate reader (BioTek ELx800 w/ Gen5 V2.09) – Spectrophotomic and calorimetric analysis of various blood protein concentrations.
  • Spectrophotometer (Milton Roy Spectronic 20D) – Spectrophotomic analysis of various blood protein concentration.
  • Roto-Shake Genie – Agitate sample during incubation.
  • Touch Mixer (Fisher Scientific) – Tube mixer.
  • -80°C Freezer (Fisher Scientific Isotemp) – 17 cubic ft. large capacity long term storage freezer.
  • 4°C Refrigerator (So-Low) – Laboratory refrigerator.
  • Precision Scale (Torbal AGCN120) – Measuring out 0.1 milligram level precision.
  • Precision Pipettes (Fisher Scientific) – Several pipettes with varied volumes.
  • Blood Draw Supplies/Equipment (Various) – All supplies and equipment needed for single venous blood draws, multiple blood draws (intravenous catheters), and cutaneous capillary sampling (lancets).
  • Various glassware for precision measurement and storage of aqueous compounds.
  • Sink – For cleaning equipment.
  • AutoClave Sterilizer (Ritter M9D) – For sterilization of heat safe instruments.
  • Ice machine – For biochemistry assessments requiring chilled tubes etc.