CEHS student in Exercise Lab

Graduate Assistant Program and Application

Graduate assistantships are designed to provide financial support and research opportunities for graduate students while they pursue their degree. Graduate assistants aid one or more faculty mentors in their research or other assigned work and are expected to be highly available. Full graduate assistants are required to provide 20 hours of service per week (September-June) including during academic breaks and attend weekly seminars. Graduate assistants must be accepted into the degree program by the Graduate School, and be selected through the graduate assistant application process within the department prior to being offered a graduate assistant position. You may apply to the graduate assistant position without previously receiving unconditional admittance into the graduate program, but you will not receive a formal graduate assistant offer until you have been unconditionally accepted by the Graduate School. To initiate the departmental graduate assistant application process click the link below. It is recommended that you become familiar with the research conducted within the department by contacting the department faculty and by reviewing the program website. Graduate assistantships are filled as positions vacate, but one or more positions are typically available during each fall and spring semester. To have the best chance of being selected as a graduate assistant it is suggested to submit the application to this application pool mid-way through the semester prior to the intended start semester (apply in the fall for a spring assistantship, and apply in the spring for a fall assistantship). The application below is for prospective graduate assistants who are pursuing a graduate degree within the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education only. If you are seeking a degree or assistantship in a different department, please contact that department to determine their process.
Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education Graduate Assistant Application