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The Internship Experience

The Internship Experience is a requirement for any FSHD student with a concentration in Family Services.

Detailed information, including how to enroll in FSHD 409 – Internship, plus required documents, deadlines, and course related announcements, can be found in our Canvas Community “FSHD Family Services & Gerontology.” In addition, the Canvas Community holds a comprehensive Site Directory of more than 100 approved Internship sites.

Students will be invited to join our Canvas Community once they have declared their FSHD major with a concentration in Family Services. Students must accept the invitation to be fully enrolled in the community site.

NOTE: If you have already declared your FSHD major with the Family Services concentration, and do not yet have an invitation to join the Canvas Community, please contact the FSHD Department immediately.

General Information

The Internship Experience is a 9-credit course requirement for all FSHD students concentrating in Family Services and is typically completed during the last semester of Senior year (i.e., the semester of graduation). This Internship course combines both on-site and academic components (outlined below), and the intern is responsible for successful completion of both in order to receive full credit.

On-Site Component

  • Students must complete at least 300 hours working at their chosen Internship site.
  • Students are responsible for finding/securing their own Internship Site, much like a regular job search.
  • Site approval is based on the Department Site criteria found in our Canvas Community.

Academic Component

FSHD 409 (Internship) is also a 9-credit course designed to monitor and supplement your on-site work. In addition to coursework assigned by your professor, final grades for this class are determined by your on-site performance and ability to meet the 300-hour requirement.

One way to think of the 9 credits of FSHD 409 is as 6 credits of fieldwork and 3 credits of complementary course work.


  • The Site Directory: Containing more than 100 sites that have worked with our interns in the past, the Directory is available through our Canvas Community module.
  • For questions about the Internship Experience, please contact Colleen Casenta, Internship Coordinator, at