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Gerontology Minor

The minor in Gerontology provides a program of study for undergraduate students to learn about the extensive, complex needs of older adults, their families and caregivers. At a time when more than one in seven Americans is 65 or older, there is an increasing need for professionals trained in different fields to work in multiple contexts with a diverse population of older adults and their families.

This multidisciplinary 18-credit minor challenges students to think critically about various aspects of adult development and aging, and is appropriate for students from most majors. The courses in this minor sequence help students clarify their career goals and/or gain background knowledge for working with older adults in a variety of community-based service, public, private and non-profit settings.

The employment outlook for students with some background in gerontology will only increase for the foreseeable future, whether their career interests are in business, finance, law, health, entertainment, recreation, travel, housing, family studies, counseling, etc.

Program Requirements Gerontology Minor Information Session (PPTX)