Digital platforms are worthless without content. They’re shiny sacks with bells and whistles, but without content, they’re empty sacks. It is not about pixels versus print. It is not about how you’re reading. It is about what you’re reading.

Maureen Dowd, The New York Times, March 10, 2013

University researchers are truly scholars without borders; ideas do not wear school colors.

Claudia Goldin, author, with Lawrence F. Katz, The Race Between Education and Technology (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008)

The CRC continues to be energized by curatorial, editorial, and outreach intentions to break down the so-called “silos” among academic colleges, departments, and programs. Outside our familiar academic culture lies a vast and endangered world. Daily occurrences on the big stages of our over-stressed society and natural environment effect – in ways writ large and small – the way men and women in the post-9/11 millennial generation live their lives.

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