ID Card Rules and Regulations

***Important – Please do not alter the surface or punch holes in the University ID card.***

  • ID cards are not transferable and will be confiscated if you are found using someone else’s ID card. Violators are subject to judicial action and/or fines of $50.00 or more.
  • The University ID card must be used to access all services affiliated with the University at all times. This includes meal plans, dorm access, printing labs, etc.
  • Freezing your ID card as soon as it is lost or stolen will prevent unauthorized spending on your accounts. Log into the eAccounts website and click on the “Card Services” section to be prompted to deactivate your ID card. Make sure to deactivate all card numbers listed.
  • ID cards can only be unfrozen in person at the ID Card Office.
  • All Montclair State University ID card holders are responsible for unauthorized spending on accounts due to lost/stolen ID cards not frozen.
  • Replacement ID card charges cannot be refunded.