Rocky holding an ID card.

ID Cards

ID Card Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The staff is currently working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please email with your questions. Appointments are being scheduled for community members with an essential need for a University ID card.

All photos for new ID cards must be uploaded through the eAccounts website. Photos will not be taken in the office.

Replacement ID cards will use the same photo on file – or you must have had the new photo uploaded and approved prior to processing your replacement card.

For new students (freshman and transfer) – it is mandatory to upload your photo for your ID card through the eAccounts website before your scheduled virtual orientation.

Please follow the guidelines specified (similar to those when getting a driver’s license photo) within eAccounts. You are encouraged to smile in the photo but please do not crop off any part of your head\face.

Keep checking this website for updates on how ID cards will be distributed.

About Your ID Card

All members of the Montclair State University community are required to have and carry their University issued ID card while on campus.

Besides identifying you as a member of the University community, University ID cards are used to access meal plans, Flex and Red Hawk Dollars accounts, entrance into the Rec Center, print labs, residence halls and rooms, and more.

Protect yourself by disabling lost or stolen ID cards 24/7 by marking all of your card numbers as “Lost” on the eAccounts website or Transact eAccounts mobile app. Cardholders are responsible for unauthorized spending on accounts due to ID cards not being disabled.

ID cards can only be unfrozen in person at the ID Card Office.

Do not punch holes in or alter the ID card in any way as this can damage the electronics and\or magnetic stripe of the ID card. There is a fee to replace damaged ID cards.

Replacement ID cards are $20 for all customers.

Photo ID cards are not mailed out and require in-person verification of identity in order to receive your ID card.

eAccounts website

Visit the University’s eAccounts website for 24/7 service to:

  • Purchase Red Hawk Dollars with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card (2.75% service fee associated).
  • Disable the use of your ID card by marking all card numbers “Lost” if your ID card is lost or stolen.
  • View your current use of Red Hawk Dollars, Flex Dollars, and/or meal plan.
  • Upload a photo for your ID card in the “Profile” section.
  • Download the Transact eAccounts app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.