Rocky holding an ID card.

Replacement Cards

Disable Lost or Stolen University ID Cards!

Use the eAccounts website or mobile app to disable lost or stolen ID cards 24/7. Mark all card numbers listed as lost. All cardholders are responsible for unauthorized spending on accounts due to lost or stolen ID cards not disabled.

A replacement fee of $20.00 is charged in order to obtain a new card. Do not punch holes in or alter the ID card in any way as this can damage the electronics and/or magnetic stripe of the ID card. Students can pay with cash, Red Hawk Dollars or have the charge billed to their student billing statement. All other cardholders must pay cash or Red Hawk Dollars at the time of requesting a replacement ID card. Debit or credit cards cannot be accepted for payment.

Lost, stolen or damaged cards can only be replaced and reactivated in person at the ID Card Office.

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