Rocky holding an ID card.

Student ID Cards

Students are required to obtain their University ID card at orientation if requesting a housing assignment or are potentially living on campus. Residence hall check-in process requires presenting your University ID card at the time of check-in. Follow the “Submit Your Photo” guidelines online to receive your University ID card at orientation and to be ready for Move-In Day.

There is no charge for the first ID card, all replacement cards following are subject to a $20.00 replacement fee.

Students will need an ID card for:

  • Admittance into residence halls and rooms, select buildings and classrooms
  • Use of Meal Plans, Flex Dollars, and Red Hawk Dollars accounts
  • Memberships and admittance to the Recreation Center and gymnasium
  • Use of campus computer labs and Surf-and-Print labs
  • Admittance into athletic, social, and theater events
  • Library text and video check out

Necessary Requirements:

In order to obtain your Student ID card, you will need to meet the following:

  1. Students must be registered for the current term 48 hours prior to processing an ID card.
  2. You must present two forms of valid identification to obtain your University ID Card (one form of photo identification is mandatory). Examples of valid identification would be:
    • Valid photo driver’s license
    • Passport or 1-20, J1 Visa for International classifications
    • Military ID
    • Credit card/debit card
    • Birth certificate (original – no photocopies)
    • Health insurance card (original – no photocopies)

***Important – Please do not alter the surface or punch holes in the University ID card.***