CHCP Project Construction Update: 7/26/12

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Construction is ongoing for the new combined heating, cooling, and power (CHCP) plant next to CarParc Diem (formerly Parking Lot 26) and the installation of distribution piping is continuing on the University Promenade.

As the work on the project progresses, campus vehicular roadways will be intermittently affected. Please be advised of the following road closure:

On July 28, Quad Road will be closed and remain closed through the middle of August. Because of this closure, the Quad Road bus stop will temporarily be relocated to Parking Lot 17. Delivery and service vehicles only may access the Student Center and the Red Hawk Diner by utilizing Blanton Road. Please refer to the accompanying construction map for alternate routes.

Temporary sidewalks, access points, and roadways will be clearly marked so that the campus community can navigate around the construction areas. All buildings will remain open and accessible. Please note that metered parking spaces in Lot 17 (Spaces 1-19 and 39-44) will not be available during this time frame.

We will be issuing regular updates on the progress of the construction both via email and on our website, CHCP.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.