Inclement weather notifications and information for 2012-2013

This is a reminder of how you can find information about University closings and class cancellations due to inclement weather. The data used to make the decision to close or cancel are obtained from a number of sources, including the National Weather Service, state and municipal agencies regarding highway and local road conditions, as well as campus officials who determine the state of parking lots, roads and walkways.  Because members of our community come from so many different areas of our state as well as neighboring states, the local conditions must be a primary consideration in the decision making process.  That means individuals should consider their personal circumstances in making a decision about whether or not to come to campus when the weather is a concern.  Students who have extraordinary circumstances to consider should discuss this matter with their faculty before the need arises.     

For example, the roads may be heavily covered where you live but dry on and around campus.  You may feel very confident in your driving ability while others will be less sure about how to maneuver in ice or snow.  You may be using public transportation and road conditions are not as important a consideration. 

Therefore, the University’s priority must be about whether or not campus walkways, roadways and parking lots can be cleared in time for classes to occur. 

It will be the University’s intention to remain open and operating whenever possible.  Therefore, your default assumption should be that the regular class and activity schedule will be in effect.

In the event that classes are canceled and/or the University is closed, the following will occur:
A.  An e-mail message will be sent to all students, faculty and staff using  accounts.

B.  A text message will be sent to mobile phones.
Montclair State uses a campus alert system powered by Rave which allows the University to send alerts as text messages directly to your cell phone and e-mail accounts. In order to take advantage of this system, you must subscribe to it through “MSU E-LERTS and Buzz.” Those who have already signed up are encouraged to check their subscriptions and update their cell phone number(s) if needed. An incorrect cell number is the same as no cell number on file.

The system is fast and effective. On past occasions we were able to alert thousands of individuals within a 2-minute window of sending a message and we anticipate a similar swift response in the current year.  Aside from your cell phone, you can add up to two additional phone numbers and e-mail addresses that will receive the same emergency broadcast message.

Please note that these text message alerts are sent ONLY in the case of a campus alert. The campus alert system is not used for the transmission of day-to-day information. Those who would like day-to-day information sent to their phones may arrange it at “ MSU E-LERTS and Buzz” by subscribing to a group, e.g., MSU Athletics.  Other MSU Apps include Guardian, our award winning proactive safety timer; Mobile Blackboard; MSU Transit; and other groups. You even have the ability to create your own group.

You can sign up for the campus alert service, check your existing subscription, and add other programs by going to Quick Links (on the pull down menu, on the left under Technology) or by going to:

All you need is your Net ID and password to create or update your subscription. Step by step instructions are available at:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please e-mail Msuconnect at
C.  An announcement will be placed on the MSU home page

D.  An announcement will be placed on the LED sign at the Valley Road entrance.

E.  The weather hot line will be updated as necessary.  The phone number is (973) 655-7810.
Please call the weather hot line rather than University Police so as not to tie up the emergency lines.
F.  In addition you may consult the following media outlets:

TV Stations


AM Radio Stations


FM Radio Stations

Channel 4


WCBS 880


WMSC 90.3

Channel 5


WINS 1010


HOT 97

Channel 7




WSKQ 97.9

Channel 9




NJ 101.5

NJ News
Channel 12





Channel 41





Please note that the following is a list of the areas where walking modifications may be made during winter storms.  If necessary , the areas indicated located will be barricaded until the snow stops and major areas are cleared.  In most cases, a small area will be cleared to allow access or alternate route utilized.  This will enable University personnel to concentrate efforts on major areas of the campus and maintain ample safe walkways for students and staff:

1.   Stairway from CarParc Diem to Blanton Hall (the old stairway)
2.   East and west side stairs in the front of the Student Center
3.   Two sets of steps on the east side of Partridge Hall leading to the Student Center quad
4.   Most sections of the steps on the east side of Kasser Theater
5.   Half of the steps between the southeast side Kasser Theater and College Hall
6.   The two set of steps that lead from College Hall to the Freeman/Russ/Cali Quad.
7.   The large set of steps that lead from Lot 7 to Panzer Athletic Center (northeast corner)
8.   The large set of steps on the west side of the Cali School of Music
9.   Most of the steps in front of Cafe Diem
10. Steps leading from campus to the Newman Center