Make Healthy Eating Choices

Learn to make healthy eating choices on campus with MyFitnessPal and Dining Services. Get started today in only three easy steps!

April Sodexo proudly announced its new partnership with the popular lifestyle and fitness application MyFitnessPal. This app which is available for iPhone and Android users assists users in making healthy food choices.Over 3,500 Sodexo residential campus recipes have been added to the MyFitnessPal database.This in turn allows you the customer to be able to enter food choices from Sam’s Place in your MyFitnessPal account.When purchasing from retail units on campus you can scan the barcode into your account and the information will load right in!With the use of MyFitnessPal you can help to misspell the misconception of the “freshman 15” and not become another statistic.

Making healthy food choices is easy on campus with the right information and the use of this app.  Our Registered Campus Dietitian, Julie Rhule believes in the use of the application to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Julie states, “MyFitnessPal offers users the option to connect with friends who also use the app.  They can track each other’s progress and send encouragement through the app’s news feed.  MyFitnessPal is a useful tool that Montclair students can use to develop healthy habits now, and for life.” Get started on your path to healthy eating today with only three easy steps!

  1. Download the MyFitnessPal app.
  2. Use the search feature* to find items or scanning feature to grab nutrition information from bar codes. 3. Build and save your meals and track against your personal nutrition objectives. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! 

*In the search feature, include the Key Words "Sodexo Campus" along with item name you are looking for or scan barcodes on labels and signs.

Learn more at If you would like more information on healthy dining on campus or to contact Dining Services Registered Dietitian check out the newly redesigned website .