May 1 Meeting

Emeriti at Rod's

The Sixth Year Spring meeting of the Emeriti Association was held in the beautiful and historic Rod’s Seafood and Grille in historic Morristown near Jockey Hollow on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.   The Emeriti who attended were :  Ree Arnold, Joe Attanasio, Marcha Flint, Dave Kelly, Peter Macaluso, Rosemarie McCauley, Al Rossetti, Ria Schantz, Susan Schwager and Tim Sullivan.  Guests:  Marie Attanasio, Barbara Hemink, Mary Ann Macaluso, Hope Mann, Lois Rossetti, and Richard Schwager.

As usual at the meetings of the Emeriti Association, the first order of business was to socialize and renew old friendships over coffee and cookies.  A new Emerita Susan Schwager (Education: Exercise Science) and her husband Richard received a warm welcome.  The Vice-President Peter Macaluso called the business meeting to order, and the officers presented their reports.  Rosemarie McCauley was thanked for all her help in arranging the meeting and dinner.

The news that the Board of Trustees had recently awarded the title of Emeritus to five recent retirees was greeted with applause.  The new Emeriti are: Harold Flint (Business), Serpil Leveen (Business), Susan Schwager (Education), Mary Lou West (Mathematical Science), and Ken Wolff (Mathematical Science).

Maria Schantz reminded everybody that the annual Retirees Luncheon sponsored by the Montclair State Foundation is scheduled for June 4 in Granito Lounge (formerly Courtyard Lounge).  All are invited.  The cost will be sixteen dollars.

Members who had not voted online for the new officers were provided with ballots and voted in person by secret ballot.  The results of the election are as follows:

President: Peter Macaluso
Vice-President: Joe Attanasio
Corresponding/Recording Secretary: Rosemarie McCauley

Treasurer: Tim Sullivan
Member-at-Large and Chair of the University/Publications Committees: Maria Schantz

Member-at-Large and Chair of the Member/Nominations/Elections Committee: to be announced

Following the business meeting our newly-elected President Peter Macaluso of the History Department delivered the main event, a lecture on The Miracle of Our Nation's Birth.  The fact that our meeting was held in the proximity of Jockey Hollow, which played an important role in the Revolutionary War, underscored our feelings for those American soldiers who sacrificed so much for the principle of shared government and republican freedom.  Using a Powerpoint presentation, Peter examined incidents and factors that George Washington felt verged on the miraculous.  In spite of losing many battles, Washington led the Continental Army to victory at Yorktown which in turn enabled our diplomats to achieve independence in the Treaty of Paris.   Peter concluded by describing the biblical roots of American democracy, a topic which is given scarce attention in most history books.

After Peter's lecture the Emeriti sat down to the kind of delicious dinner that has made Rod's such a success in the Morristown area.