Parking Registration Information for Faculty/Staff

A message from Perry Eggleston, Director, Parking Services:


I am pleased to provide you with information relative to the Parking registration process for the 2013-2014 academic year. I ask that you carefully read this entire e-mail, as it contains important information, changes, and parking registration schedules.

With the recent implementation of License Plate Recognition technology, Parking Services is discontinuing the use of the decal AND hang tag for faculty and staff.  No more hangtags or decals to move or forget!  Your license plate is your permit; however, you are still required to go on-line to ensure the vehicles listed in your account are current.  Any vehicle parking on the campus must be registered on-line.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one registered vehicle from your account is permitted on campus at any given time.

Changes to Faculty/Staff Parking Program:

  • Beginning 9/1/13 we are going Virtual!  No more forgetting your permit; Your license plate will act as your permit. 
  • Lot 31 will be removed for the future home of the School of Business.
  • Lot 23 South will be designated for Faculty/Staff parking.
  • Lot 28 South will be re-striped, eliminating bus parking and increasing the number of spaces. It is also available to Faculty/Staff.
  • Lot 17 has been re-striped and increased by over 20 spaces.
  • Lot 30 south will be designated as Faculty/Staff parking.
  • An updated parking map can be found at

Parking Options

  • Full-Time Faculty/Staff and Adjunct Faculty Surface Lot Parking - enables you to park in all restricted (orange) and general (yellow) surface lots.  See chart, below, for registration schedule.
  • Part-Time Faculty/Staff Parking – you are allowed to park in any general (yellow) lot and in Full-time Faculty/Staff (orange) Lots after 3:30pm on weekdays.   See the chart below for registration schedules.
  • Red Hawk Deck Parking: Current Red Hawk Deck permit holders will be eligible to renew beginning July 1, 2013. We are moving away from the rectangular transponders to the License Plate Recognition technology.  Hence, your vehicle’s license plate will allow you to access the facility, and will also enable you to park in restricted or general surface lots. We ask that you DO NOT dispose of your current Red Hawk Deck permit at this time.

Schedule for Faculty/Staff Parking Registration

On the date designated on the table below, you may register for parking by going to our web-page at  and selecting “Obtain a Permit”.  Please remember you will not receive any decal or hangtag this year, so please ensure your license plate number is correctly entered.

Surface Lot Parking

Date Available



Where to Order


Full Time Faculty/Staff Parking



Adjunct Faculty Parking


Part Time Faculty/Staff Parking


Disabled Employee Parking


Contractor Parking


Red Hawk Deck Parking*

Date Available
Where to Order
Renewals: 7/1/2013 Current Faculty /Staff Red Hawk Deck Parkers
(a separate email will be sent with more  information about the renewal process)
See Salary Bands On-line
Beginning: 8/1/2013

New Parking Subscribers to Red Hawk Deck

Renewals: 7/1/13
New: 8/1/2013
Contractor Parking $500.00

*Red Hawk Deck Parking is in high demand and is limited in quantity.  Current parkers will be notified of the renewal process by email. New sales will begin on August 1, 2013.

Please remember to visit, to review the Parking Regulations and update your vehicle information. 

Our evolving campus has necessitated a number of changes and updates to the parking program. I hope that this e-mail has been helpful to you; however, if after reading the 2013-2014 Parking Regulations you have any questions, I ask that you e-mail us at  We will respond promptly to all questions.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer!


Perry Eggleston, MPA CAPP
Director, Parking Services