Student Enjoys 100th Day at Montclair State University’s Gifted & Talented Program

Conor's Birch Trees From his class Draw It, Paint It, Mix Media It

The last days of the Academically Gifted & Talented Summer 2013 Program have arrived. For one particular student, this year marks an auspicious milestone. Connor first joined our program for three weeks in Summer 2010. He had such a rewarding experience in 2010, that his parents registered him in Summer 2011, Summer 2012, and Summer 2013 for both three-week sessions. Today marks Connor’s 100th day of attending the Gifted & Talented Summer Program.  

Connor’s classes, grades, and gifted ability are evident in all subject areas. He is truly a dynamic renaissance student in mathematics, science, language arts, and the humanities.  We are looking forward to Connor’s next 100 days with the Gifted & Talented Program at Montclair State University.

We are excited that Connor has become a member of our 100+ Day Family. Connor has officially joined the ranks of the many highly memorable gifted students that have graced our campus since 1981. We appreciate the commitment each of our gifted students and families demonstrate each year. Congratulations to Connor, his family, his instructors, and counselors on this achievement.

To learn how your gifted student can become a member of the 100+ Day Family, please visit our website or call (973)655-4104 to learn about our year round program offerings.