On Air at Homecoming

WMSC Radio Station Open House at Homecoming 2013

This past January, WMSC moved from its longtime home in the Student Center basement to their new, state-of-the-art studios in Conrad J. Schmitt Hall. We'd like to take Homecoming 2013 as an opportunity to show off the new space and let alumni in on the fun with an open house of the station's new facilities.

"The open house will be a phenomenal opportunity for alumni to come see our brand new facility and station.  Members of WMSC past and present can all come together and exchange memories.  It will be a huge chance for students and WMSC members to learn more about the roots of the station and how it all began.  It will be a fun day with a lot of great people!" says Mike Claudio, Station Manager.

Alumni of the radio station and anyone interested in checking out the radio station’s new facilities are invited to the open house, taking place from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. This is a great chance to mingle with fellow radio station alumni, including Jana Polsky ’80 and Tom Kaminski ’84. Tours of the new space will be available, and alumni can get a sneak peek at a live broadcast in the studio. Always wanted to hear yourself on the radio? Alumni are invited to record something and try out the new equipment. Even after the open house ends, the radio station will continue to broadcast live from Homecoming all day long! Alumni can register online for the open house, as well as other fun-filled events for the whole family.

Dick Hinchliffe, General Manager of the radio station, spoke to the importance of bringing alumni back:

"We can't wait to meet alumni at the Open House! WMSC Radio wouldn't be here if not for the contributions of Montclair State alumni going back to 1966. Their tradition of playing 'underground' rock music continues to this day, and today's students love to compare notes on the station then and now.  We like to think that the radio student DJs and support staff are WMSC members for life.  And they are - taking some regular on-air shifts, coming back for the 'Alumni Takeover' week in May, and for the Open House. We're looking forward to hosting alumni at our new state-of-the-art studios in Schmitt Hall.  It's not the Student Center basement anymore..."

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To learn more about the radio station and their new space, visit their website. For more information on Homecoming 2013, visit montclair.edu/homecoming2013.