Montclair State University Launches New Branding Campaign

The Most Extensive Branding and Marketing Campaign in University’s 105-Year History

Mike Peters

Montclair State University is launching a bold new branding and marketing campaign – It’s all here – that positions the University as a higher education institution offering countless opportunities to its students, faculty, alumni and other constituents.

The multi-platform campaign, which rolls out during the first week of September, is the most extensive of its kind in the University’s 105-year history.

It’s all here incorporates the qualities and values that set us apart from our competition,” said Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. “It encompasses our passion and commitment to excellent teaching; our engagement in focused groundbreaking research; our connections to the world beyond the University; and our access to a culturally and intellectually vibrant campus community.”

The new branding campaign is the culmination of an in-depth study conducted over the course of nearly two years involving thousands of people, including faculty members, alumni and current and prospective students and their parents. Their input led to an overwhelming consensus: Montclair State is able to provide today’s students with everything they are seeking in a college experience.

“We are a public university that offers the personalized attention of a private institution together with easy access to the culture and opportunities of the metropolitan capital of the world,” said Deborah Gaines, executive director of strategic communications for the University. “It’s a unique combination that a lot of students – and their families – are looking for.”

By emphasizing a Montclair State student’s access to the infinite possibilities – and educational value – offered by the University’s 300 quality academic programs, its hundreds of hands-on learning programs and its inclusive campus community, the It’s all here campaign highlights the University’s many distinctive strengths. It also will elevate the public’s awareness of Montclair State’s expansive array of offerings to prospective students and their families, future employers, alumni supporters, financial supporters and potential partners. Beginning in September 2013, the visually dynamic marketing campaign will appear in targeted in- and out-of-state markets from websites and magazines to billboards and bus advertising.

According to Cole, each year more than half of New Jersey high school graduates who enroll at four-year colleges choose to go out of state. The new campaign aims to reverse that trend.

“Montclair State is playing a key role in keeping high potential students from leaving New Jersey to pursue their education in fields that are critical to the state’s economy,” said Cole. “The It’s all here campaign will help us build awareness of our institutional identity and garner future support for our mission of providing a superb education to the leaders of tomorrow.”

For more information about the new branding campaign, visit Montclair State It's all here.