Shuttle Services Launches Nextbus Service

During the summer of 2013 Shuttle Services unveiled the Nextbus shuttle tracking program on campus.

Each shuttle stop has been assigned a stop number which can be used via SMS text message to find out when the next shuttle bus is due to arrive at a particular stop. Simply text 41411 with your stop number (ex: MSU 109) and you will be sent the next predicted bus arrival times. If you want to receive an alert before your bus arrives, you can reply to the predicted arrival times with a number between 0 and 30. For example, you select a stop by texting "MSU 109" to 41411, and then reply with "5" to be alerted when your bus is five minutes away.

If you prefer not to use the text message option, you can call 973-771-3152 and enter your stop number to receive predicted bus arrival times; you can access the website through your computer or mobile device; or you can download the app for Android or iPhone*.

Additionally, each bus shelter has been outfitted with a QR code that students can scan upon their arrival at the bus stop. This will take them directly to the Nextbus mobile site and display the predictions for that bus stop.

Useful Links:

MSU’s Nextbus page

Nextbus mobile site

How to Use Nextbus

List of Stop Numbers

Shuttle Schedules

Shuttle Route Map

* Disclaimer: The My Nextbus and iNext Bus applications have no affiliation with either Montclair State University or As a result, we do not provide support for these applications. Any comments, suggestions, or complaints about functionality should be directed to the application's developer.