Rosemarie McCauley

Dear Emeriti:

Welcome back to the Fall Semester.  Probably you are like me in thinking that September is the beginning of the year.  After so many years in Academe it's just seems natural.  I'm late in
contacting you this year because of the sudden and sad death of Rosemarie McCauley.  Rosemarie was the corresponding secretary of the Emeriti Association.  Over the years she was the one who created the beautiful flyers about our fall and spring meetings.  The Executive Committee relied upon Rosemarie for her sage advice and her untiring devotion to the Association.  She will be missed.

I am writing to you as the new Chair of the Membership Committee of the MSU Emeriti Association. As you know, all individuals who have been granted Emeritus/Emerita status by the MSU Board of Trustees automatically belong to the Emeriti Association. As a member, you are invited to Association meetings and events, and will receive Association e-mailings.  Spouses and partners of emeriti are considered associate members of the Association and are also invited to Association meetings and events.
At this time, I am asking you to update your membership information.  Please go to the Emeriti Association website, www.montclair.edu/emeriti, click on the Membership Information tab on the left, and fill out and submit the personal information form for our membership records. If you have previously submitted information, and if no information has changed, you need not fill out the personal information form again. 

Instructions for submitting the modest dues of $20 can be found at the bottom of the information form. Dues are waived for this academic year for those who received Emeritus/Emerita status during 2-13.  Membership dues are necessary to offset the general operating expenses of the Association. In addition, the Executive Board is currently exploring several ideas for service projects to be supported by the Association.  Members who submit dues are eligible to vote in Association elections and to serve as officers.  It is our hope that all Emeriti will become dues-paying members and support the important activities of our Association.

 Please carefully follow the instructions for submitting dues.  A check for the dues of $20 should be made payable to the "MSU Foundation." The checks should be mailed to Ana Gomez, MSU Foundation, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ 07043.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU WRITE "Emeriti Association Fund" ON THE MEMO LINE OF THE CHECK; OTHERWISE THE FUNDS WILL BE DEPOSITED IN THE GENERAL FOUNDATION FUNDS.

The Association needs a vibrant membership if it is to flourish at the University.  We realize some members live far from Montclair, but we do hope that as many as possible emeriti will attend our meetings.  As you know, we get together twice a year in the fall and spring, usually at the University for a complimentary luncheon, a business meeting, and some other event like a concert at the Kasser Theatre or a lecture.  Details about our recent spring meeting are in the News and Events section of the website.  

The Fall Meeting this year will take place on Sunday, November 10, from noon to 3 PM in the Adelina Granito Ferraro Lounge(formerly The Courtyard Lounge).  It will include a luncheon, business meeting, and a lecture by David Kelly, Classics and General Humanities (me) on Exceptionalism in the Ancient Greek World.  Topics to be addressed include:

1.  The citizens of Athens believed that their state was unique and exceptional among all the Greek city-states.  This belief is expressed most emphatically in the speech of as Pericles as
reported by the Greek fifth century BC historian Thucydides.  The Athenians went to war against Sparta convinced they were invincible because of their exceptionalism (their unique
democracy, their impregnable defenses, and their dominating naval power.
2.  The Athenian navy projected power throughout the region.  Athens demanded total loyalty from its allies.  Questions of morality were subordinate to the supposed right of the powerful to control the weaker.  Might made right.
3.  Unfortunately Athenian democracy, as the war progressed, had entered a period  of decline and decay.  Demagogues were able to persuade the people to make disastrous decisions from which Athens would never recover, never again to be a dominant player on the world stage.

I look forward to receiving your personal information and to see you at the fall meeting.  Contact me or Peter Macaluso, (macalusop@mail.montclair.edu), the President of the Association, if you have any questions.

David Kelly, Chair, Membership Committee