An Interview with Warren Littlefield

The man who created "Must See TV," Warren Littlefield, gives SCM's Larry Weiner an audio interview that provides a unique perspective of the current state of media from a man who was at the top of the media mountain.

During the 1990s, Warren Littlefield served as the president of NBC Entertainment.  Among the most influential figures in the television and media industries during that period, Littlefield developed one of the most iconic branding concepts in TV programming – Must See TV.   During his reign atop NBC, Littlefield was responsible for such hit series, “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” and “Frasier.”

In his first position at NBC as head of comedy development, Littlefield created “The Cosby Show,” “Golden Girls,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Cheers.” 

During his 21 year career at NBC, Littlefield earned a reputation as an achiever and an innovator. He oversaw the development and production of NBC's prime time, late night and Saturday morning entertainment programming. He also consulted on program content and strategic planning for the emerging CNBC cable network and was part of the team that developed NBC's cable strategy. Mr. Littlefield took part in the creation of the first Internet spin-off of a network television series, NBC's "Homicide: Second Shift". Additionally, as a long-standing supporter of 3D, he engineered other 3D projects for NBC's "Must-see TV" lineup.

In 1998, Littlefield founded the Littlefield Company.  He is currently in production on “Fargo,” a miniseries for FX 10 part miniseries for FX.

Warren Littlefield serves as a director of ManiaTV Inc. since September 2012. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Real Names; and on the media advisory board of FastForward Networks. He serves as a Director of Dynamic Digital Depth (a 3D technology company). Mr. Littlefield served as a Director of Launch Media Inc since April 1999.

Listen to the interview here.

The interview was conducted by the School of Communication and Media's Coordinator of Public Relations Larry Weiner on Friday, November 15.