Dining Services, University Bookstore and Overnight Parking - 12/14-15

Due to the upcoming snow forecast for this weekend, please note the following:

1.  Dining Services Operations for Saturday, 12/14:

The following venues will be closed:
    •    SC C-Store
    •    Rathskeller
    •    Bistro 62
    •    GFOC
    •    Sub Connection Marketplace
    •    UH Coffee Bar
The following venues will be open for business:
    •    Sam's
    •    Freeman
    •    Cafe Diem
    •    Red Hawk Diner
    •    Dunkin' Donuts

2.  University Bookstore for Saturday, 12/14, will be closed.

All Dining Services and University Bookstore operations will resume normal hours on Sunday, 12/15.

3. Residents with Parking Permits:

All vehicles currently parked in residential parking lots need to be moved to CarParc Diem deck by 10 am, Saturday, 12/14. 

It is essential for all vehicles to be re-located to CarParc Diem so that the University can clear the parking lots of snow.  Any vehicle that is not moved by 10 am on Saturday will be ticketed and subject to being plowed in.  (Individuals will be responsible for digging out any plowed-in vehicles.)

Resident student vehicles that are re-located to CarParc Diem for the purpose of snow removal can then be moved back to your residential parking lots between 3 pm on Sunday and 7 am on Monday.  All resident vehicles must be moved out of CarParc Diem by 7 am on Monday.

Please also note that the University shuttle service will continue throughout the weekend as long as the weather permits.  If the service is temporarily stopped due to the conditions, an update will be sent to the community.