Electronic Mail Outage Noon Today

The electronic mail server known and "mail.montclair.edu" experienced a hardware glitch yesterday morning and was recycled within 20 minutes. Information Technology has just received word from the Sun technicians about providing a replacement part.

Beginning at approximately 11:30 am today, and lasting until approximately 1:00 pm this afternoon, the Sun technicians will be on-site to change the "fiber-channel cards" in the mail server. These cards control the servers access to drive or storage space. As such, there can be no workaround to keep the mail system running during this swap.

A voice mail via Audix alert will also follow this electronic message. When the mail server is running again, we will notify the campus via an Audix Broadcast.

We regret any inconvenience this outage may cause but the maintenance and restoration of this system must occur during business hours today.