CHSS Emerging Instructional Technology Technical Team (Summer & Fall Intern)

This position is non-compensated and has three areas in which an intern could potentially focus.


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Emerging Instructional Technology (EIT) unit is dedicated to supporting the administration and faculty in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  We support a lab facility with a variety of hardware and software as well as work directly with faculty in the selection and implementation of appropriate technology for teaching and learning.


This position is non-compensated and has three areas in which an intern could potentially focus.  During any given semester, internship responsibilities could include all or some of the below, based on the skills and capabilities of the successful candidate:


The CHSS currently uses an application developed in-house (by past co-op students) that is used to evaluate hybrid and online courses.  Maintenance, updating, and revision of this program is potentially part of the job.  We also support an application that receives input on announcements and events in the CHSS and channels them to an administrator for approval.  There are several other similar projects in the planning phase.

Web Support

The E&IT Unit is responsible for maintaining, updating, and supporting two of its own web sites, one internal and one external, and also supports the web presence for the Emerging Learning Design conference and the Journal of Emerging Learning Design.

Advanced Projects: Visitors to the EIT Lab will occasionally have questions on how to use a particular piece of software in order to accomplish a specific learning objective.  Occasionally the inquiry will go beyond the technical skills of the student workers who staff the lab during the spring and fall semester.  This advanced support could be the responsibility of the successful candidate.  There will also be projects that the E&IT unit will be asked to work on for the college or in cooperation with other units around campus.  The E&IT Unit also supports the Emerging Learning Design Conference and the Journal of Emerging Learning Design.

3D Virtual Environments

The CHSS has been an industry leader in the use of virtual environments for teaching and learning.  This position will work on projects designed by the EIT Director and faculty members.  This work will consist of building and scripting for the virtual worlds.   Other areas around the University that make use of virtual worlds are also provided with support on an availability basis.

E&IT Lab Support:  During the spring and fall terms the E&IT Lab is staffed by students assistants.  When those student assistants are no on duty, because the intern is located in the E&IT Lab, occasionally some level of support will need to be provided to lab visitors.
Skills: The ideal candidate will have a good degree of fluency with/knowledge of some of the following:

MySQL, php,java_script (or other comparable languages), both Mac and Windows OS, web creation/editing photo, video, and voice editing tools (i.e., Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite products, FinalCut Pro, Audacity, GarageBand, iMovie, Camtasia, etc.), social media, and good communication and customer services skills.
The successful candidate needs to be able to track and handle multiple projects simultaneously and will have some experience in as many of the areas indicated above as possible.  S/he will also need to be able to work well both as a team member and independently.  Responsibilities will often be assigned but it is expected that EIT team members will also suggest ideas and projects, when appropriate: taking initiative is important.

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