144 Information

The Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid are providing the following information in an effort to help you better understand your account and meet important upcoming deadlines.

1. Financial Aid Payments: Based on your eligibility and completion of all financial aid requirements, aid disbursement will take place after the add/drop deadline.  Faculty will be verifying that you have attended class.  Your disbursement of Federal funds will be based on faculty reports.  Pell Grants are awarded based on specific enrollment.  Amounts will differ for students who are full time versus less than full time.  If your credit hours change, your Pell Grant may need to be revised.   If you have not submitted documents requested by the Financial Aid Office or they are incomplete, we may not be able to disburse your aid.

2. Course Credit Requirements: If you are registered less than full-time, the disbursement may be delayed based on the revisions that may need to be made to your financial aid package.  Please keep in mind registration for less than 6 credits for undergraduates and less than 4.5 credits for graduate students makes you ineligible for most Federal & state aid including loans. 

3. Private Loans: If you have applied for a private alternative loan, check WESS to make sure your loan is displayed as estimated aid.  If your loan is not displayed on your WESS account summary, contact the Financial Aid office at financialaid@mail.montclair.edu.

4. Health Insurance: If you are a full-time student and already have health insurance coverage through your parents, spouse, self-employment or the Affordable Care Act, you must waive the Health Insurance Fee on or before September 26, 2014 by providing evidence via the health insurance waiver form located online at www.firststudent.com.  Once approved, the fee will be waived from your student account within 48 hours. Submitting insurance documentation to any office at MSU is not considered a waiver.  Failure to complete the online waiver form will cause your account to be charged the Health Insurance Fee ($1502 for UG and $2152 for GR).

5. Sallie Mae Payment Plan: Payment plans are still available for the fall semester. Please go to http://www.montclair.edu/student-accounts/payment-information/tuition-payment-plan/ for further information.

6. Class Attendance: Active attendance in classes for the fall 2014 term will be verified after the add/drop deadline.  If you choose not to attend MSU, you must drop your classes; your aid will be removed and your classes will be deleted.   Once you are dropped from your class (es), your account will be placed on a registration hold.  You will not be able to re-enroll until the next term. 

7. Red Hawk Dollars:  If you have a credit balance (your financial aid exceeds your bill), you are entitled to put some of those excess funds on your Red Hawk Card to use throughout the University.  You can accomplish this at any time before the refund is processed by visiting the Red Hawk Card Office located on the first floor of the Student Center.

8. Refund Processing:  If you have a credit balance resulting from your disbursed aid and/or payments received, a refund will be processed beginning the week of September 22, 2014.

  • Montclair State University offers the use of DIRECT DEPOSIT for all refunds. Your money will be deposited directly into your checking or savings account. To participate in this service, you will need to complete a Direct Deposit form on your WESS via the Bank Account Information link.  
  •  If you have completed a form in the past please review the information to ensure it is still accurate.
  •  If you choose not to enroll in Direct Deposit, please confirm your mailing address.  A paper check will be sent.

Lastly, to prevent financial and academic liability, it is the student’s responsibility to check his/her official MSU e-mail and WESS account on a regular basis for registration, billing and financial aid information.  If your account remains unpaid, the University may place a hold on your account, assess late fees, deactivate Canvas access, drop your current fall 2014 courses, remove you from student housing, withhold release of transcripts/degree, and/or  refer your account to an external collection agency for collection which may result in negative credit bureau reporting. The student will then be liable for all collection and/or attorney fees (up to a maximum of 50% added to the unpaid balance).

We hope this information is helpful to you and we wish you the best of luck.   Thank you for your cooperation.