"Diversity rules," in Montclair says Seventeen Magazine

In an article entitled "this town rock!" Seventeen said that 17 of its staffers, along with Fast Forward, an Oregon-based demographic research company, investigated 120 cities to determine their "cool quotient."

"We looked at everything," the magazine said. "From how good the shopping is to how many parks and sporting events there are...OK, maybe you can't command Mom and Dad to relocate immediately to one of these burgs, but one day soon you'll be able to move where you want to -- like when you start college. Which is why we also provide a partial listing of colleges and universities in each city."

In Montclair, "Diversity rules," the magazine says, and -- when it comes to higher education, "the college scene in Montclair (is) Montclair State University."

Along with its racial diversity, Montclair "...schools are also good, the streets are safe (the crime rate is the lowest of any of the cities we studied), and the influx of NYC folks give the close-knit community a cosmopolitan feel. Montclair has the added bonus of being a mere 12 miles away from New York City. All that plus the multiculture vibe makes the town an excellent place to live -- no matter what your age."

Seventeen's list of " the 10 best places to live if you are a teen":

    --New York City
    --Ann Arbor
    --Billings, Mont.
    --San Francisco