New Postage Kiosk Available at Mail Services!

Weigh. Stamp. Mail.

Mail Services is excited to introduce the mail&goTM Postal Kiosk from Pitney Bowes. This self-serviced automated system is a one-stop location that allows customers to weigh packages, purchase stamps, and send mail.

What Can You Do With mail&go?

Some of its features include:

  • Information Entry and Payment Area – This contains the touch screen terminal and card reader used to pay for transactions. (Please note: the mail&go Postal Kiosk is credit or debit only)
  • Work and Weighing Area – This consists of the sizing guide, under which is the scale/weighing platform for weighing items as per the correct USPS postage.
  • Dispenser Area – This is where the postage label and postage sheet dispensers are located. You may purchase stamps on-site!

Where Is mail&go?

Visit the Maintenance Building to use the kiosk and ship your mail quickly and conveniently!

Mail Services is dedicated to the timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of delivery services. We are always attempting to meet changing needs in an innovative technological era. That is why we’re introducing an advanced solution that will revolutionize the way we buy stamps, mail letters, weigh and ship packages. 

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, contact Mail Services at 973-655-4359 or