Economic Impact Report Calls Montclair State University an Engine of New Jersey

An economic impact report on Montclair State University shows the fast-growing institution contributes significantly to the strength of New Jersey's economy.

The report, prepared by Montclair State University, finds that for every dollar of state funding the University receives, it generates more than $4 of activity in New Jersey's economy.

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  • According to the report, in fiscal year 2006:
  • The economic activity traceable to Montclair State was $338.2 million, almost four and a half times larger than its state appropriation of $77.3 million.
  • Approximately 7,332 New Jersey jobs were attributable to Montclair State. These include jobs at the University and jobs that result from its in-state expenditures.
  • Montclair State brought approximately $23 million into New Jersey from out-of-state sources.

The report also highlights several longer-term positive trends over nearly a decade of dynamic growth.

The University, the report states, has rapidly increased seats available to New Jersey students, boosting undergraduate enrollment by 21 percent and graduate enrollment by 12 percent since 2000.

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