Media Leaders Discuss Election Coverage at The Press and the Primaries

On April 18, prominent media thought leaders Brian Stelter (CNN), Timothy O'Brien (Bloomberg LP) Brian Carovillano (Associated Press) and Montclair State University School of Communication and Media Director Merrill Brown discussed the media's impact on the 2016 Presidential Election during a special evening event titled, "2016's Campaign of Surprises: The Press and the Primaries" at Montclair State University. 

The group discussed how the media has influenced the race for the White House, and how candidates have utilized the media and social media channels to grow their respective campaigns. The panel members also discussed the ethics of covering and moderating presidential debates, and the media's role in how the events are moderated and governed.

Click here to view a segment of the event, and click here to view the event in its entirety.