How to Control Critter Invasions

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No matter how much you love nature and wildlife, chances are you won’t love it when a critter invades your space. After all the hard work you put into your home and garden, you don’t want to see it destroyed by an uninvited guest. Here are some tips for identifying and avoiding critter problems.

Inspect Your Home

Sometimes you can have an animal living in your home and not even know it. A good rule of thumb is to inspect your home twice a year, and look for holes each time you clean your gutters. Check your roof, siding, trim board, chimney, attic, foundation and under your deck.

If You Find an Opening

It’s important that you don’t trap the animal inside where it can cause even greater problems. To see if an animal is currently using the hole, simply plug it with a wad of paper or place some flour around the opening. If the area shows no sign of disturbance for 3 days, you can go ahead and plug the hole permanently.

Put Out the “Unwelcome” Sign

If you have a problem with a critter living under your deck, first encourage them to leave by making their stay more unpleasant. Animals like darkness and dryness, so be sure to clear away plants and vegetation to let more light in. Simply running a garden hose near their home can make it uncomfortably soggy. If a critter is digging up your lawn, it could be that they are feeding on insects like grubs. There are pet-safe treatments that eliminate insects, which could also eliminate your property’s appeal to hungry animals.

Dig This Deterrent

Many critters are natural diggers, so putting above-ground fencing around your deck or building a raised bed around your garden may not be totally effective. Instead, partially bury the fence below ground or bend fencing into an L-shape to add additional ground protection around the base.

Capturing Critters

Most home improvement stores sell various sizes of traps. Be mindful, however, that your town may require special permits for trapping animals. It might be best to hire a professional who can both trap your critter and safely remove it from your property.

As they say, the best defense is a good offense. Make your home uninviting to animals, and be vigilant about checking for signs of critters before they can do significant harm.  Liberty Mutual insurance can make sure your home is covered for damages, should critters make themselves at home with you.

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