University Business Magazine Profiles Campus Growth

Magazine states “A workhorse university becomes a thoroughbred”

Noting its academic momentum and national reputation for "doing the heavy lifting" of higher education, Montclair State University was selected by the editorial staff of University Business magazine for one of only two Portrait of a Leader profiles published each year. Titled "A workhorse university becomes a thoroughbred," the feature-length article highlights President Susan A. Cole's direction and vision in growing the University and access to its programs.

Senior Associate Editor Matt Zalaznick visited campus for two days in November, 2016 to meet with a wide range of the University's stakeholders – administration, faculty, staff, students and members of the local municipalities – and gain perspective and understanding of the daily life and broad scope of the University. He was especially interested in the diversity of the campus, the academic excellence, our new Research Doctoral status and the fact that the University educates and successfully graduates a large number of low-income and first-generation students.

Along with describing the University community, the article serves as insight into the president’s philosophy and values.

"This institution is what I believe it should be, which is an institution that is wholly and entirely focused on what is needed to ensure a free and democratic society," she says. "It never ever gets old to me when I see 4,600 students stand to be graduated at the end of the year. I love doing the best we can to prepare them and send them out into the world to do the best they can to make it better."

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