First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World

A collaboration between National Geographic, NPR’s Neal Conan and Ensemble Galilei. A National Geographic Live Action Experience For The Whole Family.

Since 1888, National Geographic has scoured the far reaches of our planet and reported its findings to us in spectacular photos that have changed the way we see the world. First Person: Stories fFrom The Edge Of The World transforms National Geographic into a live action experience. A collaboration between The National Geographic Society, Neal Conan and Ensemble Galilei, First Person: Stories From The Edge Of The World celebrates the thirst for knowledge and our appetite for adventure. A unique assemblage of talents, this program features narration by Neal Conan, popular host of NPR’s Talk Of The Nation, with Liane Hanson, equally popular host of Weekend Edition: Sunday and gigantic eye-popping photos from the National Geographic Archive. These photos allow us to climb Mount Everest with Mallory, probe the depths of the ocean with Jacques Cousteau and sail aboard The Beagle with Charles Darwin with Neal Conan’s narrative bringing the visual splendor into intimate focus, allowing us to feel as if we are actually aboard the HMS Beagle with Darwin and his crew and just a few steps behind Cousteau on the ocean floor, among other startling moments.

The renowned Ensemble Galilei, pre-eminent interpreters of Celtic music, provides the music which blends Scottish fiddle music, medieval dances, with works by Bach and original music. An added attraction is the presence of Glen Velez, three-time Grammy winning master drummer. Additional “music” is provided through the poetry of Mary Oliver, Constantine Cavafy, Sara Vial and Jim Harrison. First Person: Stories From The Edge Of The World takes audiences on a thought-provoking thrill ride through the world we know and the world we don’t.  No need to strap yourself in, but do let your imagination soar.

Neal Conan, Liane Hanson and Ensemble Galilee provide an additional treat for devoted NPR listeners and music lovers with an informal gathering with the performers in the lobby after the performance. Light refreshments will be served.

WNYC is a media sponsor for the 2007/2008 Season of Peak Performances @ Montclair.  Peak Performances also acknowledges the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

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Released: September 24, 2007