Students of Italian Create Subtitles for Tabucchi's RAI Interview

Dreaming in Another Language

During the Spring 2017 semester and in the context of the ITA243 Grammar and Composition course taught by Dr. Teresa Fiore, students of Italian at Montclair State University produced the subtitles for an interview with Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi. The interview by RAI Cultura Network, originally in Italian, was translated into English by the class before the creation of the subtitles, which were subsequently edited by Robert Acocella, student in Filmmaking. This project is part of a much larger initiative, the Italian Translation Curriculum and Internship Project, that continues to grow at Montclair State University.

In the interview, Tabucchi tells about his experience of writing a book in Portuguese and explains how a foreign language can become your "real" language after entering your subconscious and dreams.