Political Science Major Receives Bronze Medal for Olympic Weightlifting

Congratulations to Political Science major Chris Hernandez. He received a bronze metal for lifting 130 kilos (286 lbs.) at the Nike USA Weightlifting Nike National University & Under 25 Championships in Ogden, Utah on April 21. He received the metal for the clean and jerk weight-lifting category among the Under 25 participants.

Hernandez became a Political Science major after arriving on campus and witnessing the 2016 elections which helped him discover his passion for the subject. A pre-law minor, he plans to attend law school, and then run for elected office.

Keys to Success: Patience and Focus
The skills he's developed as an athlete are also helpful in his studies at Montclair State. "As an Olympic Weightlifter I practice patience and focus every time I train. These two practices are also important when it comes to school. Whether it's writing a paper or doing a case brief, I am always patient and focus on my research. When I graduate here I will go to Law School. My experiences here will certainly be ones I will not forget," he said.