Dr. Lisa Lieberman Speaks About Sex Education in the United States

Dr. Lisa Lieberman, Professor in Public Health, was the lead author of the evaluation on Project IMPPACT in 2000. Based in New York City, Project IMPPACT was a middle school sex education program supporting healthy attitudes and behaviors, using a small group model led by mental health professionals.  18 years after the initial study, Lieberman is revisiting the data to discuss its relevance today and for the future.

The Guttmacher Institute has interviewed Lieberman on this topic. To read the complete interview, please visit: https://www.guttmacher.org/perspectives50/sex-ed-us-look-back-and-ahead.

The College of Education and Human Services offers a BS in Public Health and an MPH, both  with concentrations in Community Health Education and Health Systems Administration and Policy, as well as a Minor in Public Health. Public Health professionals work to affect the health of whole populations, rather than just single individuals. Dr. Lieberman's work is a testament to this, and health promotion is applied rather than treatment.

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