Weston Science Scholars program links MSU, Montclair High School

An innovative science program offered by the College of Science and Mathematics at Montclair State University in partnership with Montclair High School is giving MHS students the opportunity to "learn science by doing science."

The Weston Science Scholars Program, made possible by the support of Judy and Joshua Weston of Montclair, is offering specially selected ninth and 10th graders from MHS the opportunity to work with Ph.D. scientists from Montclair State in conducting original research. The Montclair State faculty members act as mentors to the high achieving students who have shown outstanding potential in science, mathematics and related fields.

The high school students are engaging in intensive research over a five-week period this summer. In addition to original research, they study a mathematics component pertinent to their research. The students also participate in hands-on activities, workshops and field experiences that enrich their science and mathematics background while increasing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Guest presenters who are experts in the fields of electron microscopy, ornithology, biochemistry, astronomy and physics enlighten the students as do field trips to science-oriented sites around New Jersey.

"This is a perfect example of what makes Montclair such a special place," Program Coordinator Lynn English of MSU said. "Thanks to the generosity of Judy and Joshua Weston, we are able to utilize the immense talent of the Montclair State University faculty to enhance the educational opportunities of some of our best and brightest students."

For further information on the program, contact Lynn English, Weston Science Scholars Program Coordinator at MSU at (973)655-5101 or at EnglishL@mail.montclair.edu.

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