Update 3: Email server upgrade in progress

The campus server (mail.montclair.edu) will be unavailable from 6PM Tuesday May 27 through Wednesday, May 28th

The campus email server is being upgraded and will be unavailable from 6PM Tuesday May 27th until approximately Noon on Wednesday, May 28th. Please check this web page or call the University Help Desk at (973) 655-7971 for the latest status of the upgrade.

Update: 8:45AM Wed May 28 - The email upgrade is proceeding. All user accounts and mail folders have been transferred to the news system with the new quotas in place (500Mb for faculty/staff, 150Mb for students) Webmail address books are still being migrated and we expect to have the system fully operational before Noon today.

Update 2: 1:00PM Wed May 28 - Making final adjustments to the address books and doing some spot checking on vacation message functionality. The system will be available as soon as possible this afternoon. We apologize for the delays.

Update 3: 3:15PM Web May 28 - All portions of the campus mail server are operational, however we are experiencing a very high load on the disk drives that is causing unacceptable delays in login and folder access times.  Rather than make the system available to our users in a degraded state we are continuing to address the performance issues and will make the system available as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience the extended downtime has caused, but it is our intention that the end result will be a fully functional and high performance mail service for our campus community.