Day 1

We all arrived at EWR at 3am, ready to go and extremely excited. It was 14 of us; the Camera man (Mike), Rev. Ann and her daughter (Sara) will catch up with us later. After we went through a quick overview and info. session we began to check in. This took a little longer than we expected because they had to run our passports manually after because the machine failed. This is why we are asked to arrive ahead of time, in case that our modern technology fails us. We checked our luggage and made it through security with no problems, and went straight for breakfast. While we waited to board we took our first group picture, which turned into a photo shoot because almost everyone has a camera. Boarding began at 4:50am and at 5:36am our plane pulled out of the gate. Houston, we don´t want any problems!

We arrived in Houston late because our landing was held. We ended up flying in circles over Louisiana. Finally, we got the go ahead and landed at approximately 8:30am (Texas Time). We barely made it to our connecting flight and practically ran out of the plane. However, we all made it with no problems and departed ontime.

Looking at Nicaragua from the air is just amazing. There is a rush of excitement for all of us. Here is where the real work begins. I can´t believe we´ve made it, it is so unreal for all of us. All of the people who supported us, we thank you. This is going to be an unforgettable trip. Sincerely, Team Nicaragua 2008.

We had no problems with customs when we arrived and as soon as we stepped outside we were met by our WFP International Team: Rachael, Patty and Luis (our bus driver). We went straight to Cepad, the hostel we are staying at. We are lunch (it was great), had our cultural orientation and team building excercise. Later we left to El Mercado Israel Lewites and took a socioeconomic contrast tour through Managua; we ended at the Galeria Santo Domingo Mall. We came back to Cepad and learned all about the history of Nicaragua, which made us more excited about the rest of our trip and learning about the culture of Nicaragua. We had dinner and took a very long walk to El Ciber, the Cyber Cafe. We are all very tired from this long day, so I am signing off until next time... wish us luck!


- Mabel P. Almonte