We Must Widen The Doors to Higher Education, said Dr. Cole

The Opinion/Editorial article that appeared in the July 5, 2001 issue of The Record, by President Susan A. Cole, stressed the need to "widen the doors to higher education" within New Jersey. "The demand for higher education in our state and nation has never been greater than it is today. It is recognized by people of all ages, and of all income and education levels that a college education leads to higher paying jobs and greater opportunities for personal growth," said Dr. Cole.

"While early in this century a college education was a privilege for the fortunate few, today access to higher education is viewed by the great majority of citizens as a central and defining quality of the American way of life. The importance of access to higher education is also recognized by employers, as our knowledge-based economy moves further away from manufacturing jobs towards high tech, information-driven fields," continued Dr. Cole.

Dr. Cole went on to say New Jersey must "embark on a policy agenda that will significantly increase the number of seats available at state colleges and universities."

The complete article is available at: www.montclair.edu/divofpresident/oped070501.html