Commencement Information

$70 Commencement for charged to all students graduating

All outstanding balances need to be paid in full. Pay as soon as possible to avoid problems. Computer terminals are provided in our Student Accounts office in College Hall, room 218 for E-Check and credit card payments. Outstanding balances or any type of account holds (Health Center, MSU Connect, Parking, Library, Athletic, etc) can prohibit students from receiving transcripts, and diplomas, selection of housing, and registering for future semesters. It is the responsibility of the students to check their accounts. Student account summaries are available online at (WESS - Web Enrollment Services for Students).

You can pay using an E-Check by accessing your Account Summary via WESS. There is a link entitled: Pay by E-Check. Please note that the E-Check only gives you the option to pay from your personal checking/savings accounts. Checks that are received as an advance payment using a credit card number/line of credit or mutual fund accounts are not recognized as valid account numbers. You can also pay your balance by mailing a certified check or money order to the Office of Student Accounts at Montclair State University, College Hall Room 216, Montclair, NJ, 07043. When paying with an e-check Montclair State waits 3 business days before removing any holds. If paying with a personal check Montclair State waits two weeks before removing any holds.

We have arranged with Sallie Mae to accept credit cards on our behalf. Sallie Mae accepts AMEX, MC and Discover – they do not accept VISA. Sallie Mae charges a convenience fee for this service. You can pay by credit card on line by accessing your WESS account summary and using the "Pay by Credit Card" link. When paying with an e-check or credit card use your Campus Wide ID. Check WESS or the Office of Student Accounts webpage for more information. Any returned payments will be assessed an additional fee.

For more information view the Schedule of Courses catalog, check the Student Accounts website, or use the link "Payment Options" under Account Summary on your WESS account. The Office of Student Accounts is located in College Hall, Room 218. Our hours are Monday and Thursday 8:30 – 6PM (until the week of May 15th), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30 – 4:30 our phone number is 973-655-4105 or 973-655-4177.

Congratulations on your Graduation from Montclair State University. We wish you success in your future endeavors.