MSU Receives Teacher Education Award in 'Support of Diversity'

Montclair State University was honored with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Best Practice Award in Support of Diversity at the Association�s 54th annual meeting in New York City recently.

The award recognizes individuals and institutions that are contributing to positive practices that promote diversity in teacher education.

"We are honored to receive the Best Practice Award in Support of Diversity," said Dr. Susan A. Cole, president of MSU. "This prestigious award recognizes educational programs 'that have infused diversity into teacher education' At Montclair State University, we are firmly committed to insuring that all of our academic disciplines are inclusive, multicultural and open to all. We know that a society is only as strong as it is inclusive, and we are proud that our efforts have been recognized by AACTE."

MSU's Center of Pedagogy is recognized as a leading institution in the preparation of professional educators. The New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal is the foundation for school-based educators' participation in the Center and the vehicle for MSU's collaboration with 23 school districts and more than 750 professional educators.

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